Twenty-Sixth Term Member Conference

Thursday and Friday, November 4–5, 2021
Twenty-Sixth Annual Term Member Conference

The Stephen M. Kellen Term Member Program is supported by a generous gift from the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation.

Virtual Sorensen Distinguished Lecture on the United Nations With Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Plenary Two: Memes and Militants: Threats to Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
Plenary Four: The Fight Against Climate Change: What Is At Stake In Glasgow?
Closing Plenary: All Eyes on Taiwan: What’s Next for U.S.-China Relations?
Concurrent Plenary: Cybersecurity and Great Power Competition
Concurrent Plenary: The Future of Global Governance in the Southern Hemisphere: How COVID-19 Changed the Rules

Top Stories on CFR

Supply Chains

Truck-driver shortages, “lean” inventories, and an overreliance on China plagued global supply chains long before the pandemic. Permanently addressing these and other issues will help the United States and rest of the world better cope with the next shock.

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of fifteen countries in addition to the United Kingdom. Now, Barbados’s transition to a republic is reviving debate over the future of the Crown.


The Chinese government has used a variety of tactics to silence its critics. Could international attention on tennis player Peng Shuai’s case push Beijing to change?