Roy C. Pettis Jr.

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Roy C. Pettis Jr. was most recently the assistant director of national intelligence for acquisition, procurement, and facilities at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). His career has spanned all aspects of intelligence: human collection, technical collection, analysis, research and development, and community integration. Pettis is best known as an expert on space technology and policy. He has led spacecraft development programs, led national and international negotiations on space policy, conducted research on the space environment, assessed the progress of adversary space programs, and overseen revolutionary developments in the intelligence space architecture. In ODNI, Pettis was part of a team that developed an effective approach to providing intelligence community–wide studies to support decision-making by the director of national intelligence. Before ODNI, Pettis served in the Department of State, was an executive manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company, and served in multiple roles at the Central Intelligence Agency. Pettis has a BS in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MS in physics from the Johns Hopkins University, an MS in national security strategy from the National War College, and a PhD in public policy from George Washington University (GWU). At GWU, he created and teaches courses in decision analysis for public policy and science and U.S. public policy.

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