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Caroline Bettinger-Lopez
Caroline Bettinger-Lopez

Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy (ON LEAVE)

  • Canada
    What Is Canada’s Immigration Policy?
    With its comparatively open and well-regulated immigration system, Canada has become a top destination for immigrants and refugees.
  • Canada
    Virtual Roundtable: Protecting Gender Equality During COVID-19
    COVID-19 responses that ignore the pandemic’s disproportionate effects on women and girls risk exacerbating gender inequities and posing additional social and economic costs around the world. Women are on the frontlines, representing 70 percent of the healthcare workforce, holding more jobs in industries without leave, and carrying the burden of childcare. They are experiencing higher unemployment rates than men, spikes in intimate partner violence, and barriers to accessing necessary healthcare. Elissa Golberg, assistant deputy minister for strategic policy at Global Affairs Canada, and Theo Sowa, chief executive officer of the African Women’s Development Fund, discuss how Canada’s international assistance and local women’s organizations are protecting gender equality during COVID-19.
  • Coronavirus
    The States and Reopening Under COVID-19: Why We Need North American Cooperation
    This post is coauthored by Laurie Trautman, the director of the Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University, and a global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center; and Edward Alden, …