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A truck carrying logs heads toward the Canada border in Champlain, New York. Christinne Muschi/Reuters

Renegotiating NAFTA: Let the Games Begin

The North American Free Trade Agreement was the first in U.S. history to slash trade barriers between a wealthy country and a much poorer one. This week, the NAFTA will mark another first when officials from Mexico, Canada, and the United States sit down in Washington to begin renegotiating the deal. Read More

August 3, 2017

Immigration and Migration
The RAISE Act Won't Raise Wages for Americans

In his successful election campaign last year, Donald Trump tapped into a genuine and serious set of concerns among many Americans about the impacts of both trade and immigration on their economic well-being.  The faith among policymakers in Washington—that relatively open trade and immigration were an unmitigated good for Americans—required turning a blind eye to economic research and real world evidence that showed that both create winners and losers in the American economy. And Donald Trump promised to stand up for the losers. 

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August 2, 2017

Explaining Global Recovery Amid Political Recession

MILAN – In the summer, as life slows down, there is space to reflect on fundamental issues. One of the key puzzles occupying my mind of late is the disconnect between widespread political dysfunction and relatively strong economic and financial-market performance.

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July 6, 2017

Steel Trade: How Trump Can Prove He's the Negotiator in Chief

On the eve of his first G-20 summit meeting, President Trump faces one of the most important decisions of his young administration: whether or not to impose tough restrictions on imported steel. 

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