CFR Wins Fourth Emmy for Interactive Guide to Deforestation in the Amazon

October 6, 2017

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The Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) “Deforestation in the Amazon” InfoGuide won an Emmy Award in the category of “Outstanding New Approaches: Current News.” The award was announced yesterday at the thirty-eighth Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards program. CFR was selected above four other features produced by the New York Times and Mother Jones.

This is the fifth nomination and fourth Emmy Award for a CFR interactive. CFR has previously won awards for its Crisis Guides on Iran in 2012, the global economy in 2009, and Darfur in 2008. A new InfoGuide on modern slavery is due to be launched this fall.

“We are honored by this recognition and proud of the team behind it. The InfoGuide series is an important part of CFR’s broader mission to educate and inform the public in a substantive and accessible way, using the most advanced media technologies and storytelling techniques,” said CFR President Richard N. Haass.

“Deforestation in the Amazon” provides a compelling look at the causes and consequences of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and is available online in English and Portuguese. The immersive explainer includes:

  • an overview video;
  • a dynamic map illustrating the geographic extent of the deforestation;
  • an animated primer showing how deforestation contributes to global climate change;
  • a visual guide to the Amazon’s carbon and precipitation cycles;
  • an interactive timeline tracing the history of the deforestation of Brazil’s rainforest;
  • policy options for effective conservation: and
  • teaching guides and resources for educators.

The guide drew on an extensive staff effort overseen by CFR Chief Digital Officer Doug Halsey that included Executive Producer Jeremy Sherlick, Senior Producer Hagit Ariav, Managing Editor Robert McMahon, design and development by Jacky Myint, Lead Writer Danielle Renwick, and Sound Designer Adam Parrish King.

Made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, “Deforestation in the Amazon” is available at

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