Will This Century Belong to China?

By all accounts, China is sure to have an outsized impact on the world over the next 100 years. Richard Haass and Elizabeth Perry, director of the Harvard-Yenching Institute, consider China’s rise and the implications for global order. 


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  • Richard Haass
    President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations
Episode Guests
  • Elizabeth Perry
    Director, Harvard Yenching Institute

Show Notes

About this episode


By all accounts, China is sure to have an outsize impact on the world over the next one hundred years. In this episode of Nine Questions for the World, Richard Haass and Elizabeth J. Perry, director of the Harvard-Yenching Institute, consider China’s rise and its implications for the global order. Will major economic, environmental, and social challenges hinder China’s growth? Will Xi Jinping hold on to power? And what might a China-led world look like?


This podcast series was originally presented as “The 21st Century World: Big Challenges and Big Ideas,” an event series in celebration of CFR’s centennial. This episode is based on a live event that took place on October 6, 2021.


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