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Aging, Youth Bulges, and Population

  • Global Health Program
    In-Person DC Roundtable: Falling Global Fertility and Its Implications for Climate Change, Political Stability, and Economies
    New fertility forecasts from the Global Burden of Disease Study stress our world's trajectory towards a low-fertility future. By 2050, fertility rates in three-quarters of countries will not sustain their populations, increasing to ninety-seven percent of countries by 2100. At the same time, relatively high fertility rates in low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa will continue to drive population growth, leading to a ‘demographically divided world.’ Please join our speakers, Ann Norris, senior fellow for women and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and Christopher J. Murray, director of the institute that oversees the Global Burden of Disease Study, for a discussion about the latest regional fertility data and how national governments can prepare for projected threats to health, economies, food security, the environment, and geopolitical stability brought on by these demographic changes. 
  • Aging, Youth Bulges, and Population
    The Foreign Policy Challenges of an Aging Society
    Panelists discuss the longevity challenges facing countries around the world, the foreign policy implications of dealing with aging societies, and the comparative advantage opportunities for countries successfully managing older populations. Please note there is no virtual component to this meeting. The audio, video, and transcript of this meeting will be posted on the CFR website.
  • Nigeria
    The Record Breakers
    Nigerians’ seemingly coordinated assault on the Guinness World Records offers a didactic lens into the national psyche and the state of the nation.

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