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Aging, Youth Bulges, and Population

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Carl Minzner
Carl Minzner

Senior Fellow For China Studies

  • Indonesia
    Why Indonesia’s Youth Hold the Key to its Tech Sector Progress
    To capitalize on the promise of its burgeoning tech industry, Indonesia needs a greater focusing on developing the human talent that powers innovation and allows pioneering companies to grow.
  • Aging, Youth Bulges, and Population
    Centennial Speaker Series Session 5: Comparative Demographic Trends & Their Implications
    Nicholas Eberstadt discusses U.S. demographic exceptionalism and how demographic trends will drive policymaking in the 21st century. This meeting is the fifth session in CFR’s speaker series, The 21st Century World: Big Challenges & Big Ideas, which features some of today’s leading thinkers and tackles issues ​that will define this century. Our first session on April 13 featured Margaret MacMillan on “What Are the Lessons of History for Our Era?,” the second session on May 4 featured Anne Applebaum on “Can Democracy Survive?,” the third with Nicholas Stern on “Will Climate Change Us Before We Change It?” took place on June 16, and the fourth on July 15 with Minouche Shafik on “Balancing the Role of Government and Markets.”
  • Japan
    Japan’s Population Problem
    The United States’ alliance with Japan is the centerpiece of U.S. security in Asia, but new demographic challenges from within Japan raise concerns about the future of the region.