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Carla Anne Robbins
Carla Anne Robbins

Senior Fellow

  • Cuba
    U.S.-Cuba Relations
    Communist Cuba has long been a major foreign policy challenge for the United States. President Biden is the latest U.S. leader to grapple with how to balance democracy promotion with the desire for a better bilateral relationship.
  • Cuba
    What's Next for Cuba?
    Panelists discuss what sparked recent protests in Cuba, how the Cuban government has responded, and what policy options the Biden administration might take to address the situation.
  • Demonstrations and Protests
    Protests in Cuba, With Paul J. Angelo and Carmen Sesin
    Paul J. Angelo, fellow for Latin America Studies at CFR, and Carmen Sesin, Miami-based and NBCLatino reporter, sit down with James M. Lindsay to discuss the historic protests that swept across Cuba and around the globe.