Geopolitics of Energy

Geopolitics of Energy
  • United States
    U.S. Natural Gas: Once Full of Promise, Now in Retreat
    Mirroring events that rocked the international oil industry earlier this year — catalyzed by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic — a now sluggish global economy is hitting the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. Like oil before it, prices of spot LNG around the world are collapsing, storage is rising, and LNG exporters are responding to mounting challenges. The situation spells bad news for the nascent U.S. LNG export business and the geopolitical benefits it bestowed on the United States. Dominant natural gas exporters Qatar and Russia are responding to the current LNG supply glut by accelerating their own mega-projects to lock in market share for the next ten years and beyond. Their moves could set back the U.S. LNG export industry for years to come, depending on the state of global economic growth in the coming years. Already, forty U.S. LNG cargoes have been cancelled for August pushing the total cargo cancellations for this summer over one hundred, bringing total U.S. LNG exports to half of capacity. Goldman Sachs estimates that 4 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of U.S. gas exports will be cancelled this summer. 
  • India
    COVID-19 and Other Inflection Points: Fifth Annual Review of Solar Scale-Up in India
    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, India was moving to the forefront of the global energy transition, with plans to reach 175-gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy by 2022. Prime Minister Modi’s decisive electoral win in May 2019 seemed to have secured continuation of India’s ambitious solar energy goals, but now the COVID-19 outbreak of early 2020 is slowing and delaying new solar energy construction on top of other challenges the sector faced. The fate of India’s push to clean energy has global implications, since India is a major economy and lowering its carbon emissions is important to global efforts to address climate change.
  • Russia
    Russia's Complex Oil Reality
    This is a guest post by Hunter Kornfeind, intern for Energy and Climate Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and current student at Temple University. Russia is coping with a new reality fro…