CFR Expands Multimedia Offerings with Timely Blogs, Interactive Guides, and New Video Featuring CFR Members

CFR Expands Multimedia Offerings with Timely Blogs, Interactive Guides, and New Video Featuring CFR Members

March 11, 2010 11:53 am (EST)

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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has released a four-minute video featuring a broad range of members, including Erin Burnett, Chuck Hagel, Carla A. Hills, Angelina Jolie, Robert E. Rubin, Brian D. Williams, and Fareed Zakaria, speaking about the organization’s nonpartisan mission, independence, impact, convening power, and policy-relevant scholarship.

"We want to increase the awareness that CFR is an indispensable, authoritative resource on U.S. foreign policy and international affairs," said Lisa Shields, CFR vice president for Communications and Marketing.

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A central component of CFR’s social media strategy, the video can be viewed on, as well as its iTunes and Facebook pages, YouTube channel, and Vimeo. It was created by Emmy Award-winning director Jesse Dylan and produced by his company FreeForm. has long been a leading source of timely analysis and context on international affairs. Recently it has broadened the range of its online content in order to present complex foreign policy, geoeconomic, and geopolitical issues in a more accessible, interactive format. Much of CFR’s multimedia content can also be found on its iTunes page and YouTube channel.

Some of these new features include:

-"Asia Unbound," an expert blog that draws on the insights and research of CFR’s Asia Program. It features regular commentary and analysis of the region, along with guest bloggers from Asia and around the world. Launched in December, there is a vibrant discussion already taking place on the blog.

-A multimedia player embedded on’s newly redesigned homepage. This new feature highlights video and audio clips from CFR meetings, podcasts, and other multimedia products accessible with the click of a mouse.

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-"First Takes," which are concise, timely analyses by CFR experts on breaking international news. Recent First Takes have included CFR President Richard N. Haass assessing President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech; Director of Studies James M. Lindsay examining the U.S. decision to alter its missile defense plans for Eastern Europe; and climate expert Michael A. Levi reacting to the international accord reached in Copenhagen.

-"Nuclear Energy Guide," an interactive that examines the development and growth of nuclear energy. Led by nuclear expert Charles D. Ferguson and co-produced with MediaStorm, the guide uses maps, timelines, and video to survey nuclear power’s history, cost, safety, security, proliferation, and its environmental consequences.

Additional multimedia resources on include:

-"Geo-Graphics": Published by the Center for Geoeconomic Studies, this blog offers in-depth analysis of global economic issues using easy-to-read graphs and charts. Recent entries depict fluctuations in the global supply and demand for gold, China’s continued accumulation of U.S. dollar assets, and what global economic conditions would enable the United States to double its exports within the next five years.

-Crisis Guides: CFR’s Emmy Award-winning franchise, co-produced with MediaStorm, uses the power of interactive media to bring context and historical perspective to topics such as climate change, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the conflict on the Korean peninsula. In 2009, "Crisis Guide: The Global Economy" won an Emmy in the category of "New Approaches to Business and Financial Reporting." "Crisis Guide: Darfur" won the award in 2008 for "New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming: Current News Coverage." A forthcoming guide will explore the crisis in Pakistan and its regional and global implications.

-Global Governance Monitor: This interactive feature tracks, maps, and evaluates multilateral efforts to address today’s global challenges. Presented by the International Institutions and Global Governance program and MediaStorm, the Monitor has three thematic components thus far: oceans governance, nuclear nonproliferation, and global finance. New guides on climate change, violent conflict, public health, and other global governance issues will be added periodically.

-Podcasts: regularly offers audio interviews with experts from CFR and elsewhere, in addition to its weekly "The World Next Week" podcast produced in conjunction with Foreign Affairs. All podcasts can also be downloaded from CFR’s iTunes page.

-Timelines: Tracing the historical unfolding of political and financial events, CFR’s interactive timelines have covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the U.S. war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war, the economic crisis, Sudan’s history, and Venezuela under Chávez, among others.

-Maps: These interactive maps provide geographical context to current conflicts in areas such as Pakistan’s tribal belt and Africa’s violent zones.

Visitors to the website can sign up for CFR’s numerous eNewsletters, access transcripts of on-the-record events, read daily news analysis, download CFR publications, and much more. To browse all of’s features, visit:


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