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May 14, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The Impact of AI on Warfare, With Andrew Reddie

Andrew Reddie, an associate research professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss how artificial …

Podcast Personnel with the 175th Cyberspace Operations Group conduct cyber operations at Warfield Air National Guard Base in Middle River, Maryland, on June 3, 2017.

April 17, 2024

A Conversation With Christine Lagarde

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde discusses the state of the European economy, U.S.-EU economic cooperation, and the implications of international geopolitical conflicts on the global…

Play Christine Lagarde speaking with the IMF logo in the background.

April 11, 2024

Military Operations
Protecting U.S. Waterways, Coastlines, and Maritime Infrastructure

Eric Doucette, captain in the U.S. Coast Guard and visiting military fellow at CFR, discusses the primary missions of the coast guard including disaster management, protecting U.S. ports and shorelin…

Play FSK Bridge Collapse

April 9, 2024

Defense and Security
Series on Emerging Technology, U.S. Foreign Policy, and World Order: Frontline Innovations—Defense Solutions for National Security Challenges

Panelists discuss new and emerging commercial defense technology, current opportunities and challenges in defense innovation, and the future landscape of national security. For those attending vir…

Play Two F-22 Raptor fighter jets of the 95th Fighter Squadron and an A-10 Thunderbolt (R) from Whiteman air force base, Missouri, approach the refueling nozzle of a KC-135 Stratotanker

April 2, 2024

United States
RealEcon Launch: Reimagining American Economic Leadership

With RealEcon, CFR is creating an initiative to study and debate the role of the United States in the international economy. The launch event of this multiyear, multifaceted initiative will explore w…

Play CFR President Michael Froman in conversation with columnist Gillian Tett and Canada’s Ambassador to the United States Kristen Hillman

March 22, 2024

United States
Election 2024: Are Americans Turning Isolationist?

Each Friday, I look at what the presidential contenders are saying about foreign policy. This Week: Much like talk of Mark Twain’s death, claims that Americans are turning their back on the world are…

The sun as viewed disappearing beneath the horizon.

March 11, 2024

Climate Change
A Conversation With Amy Pope

Amy Pope discusses her work as director general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the UN role in addressing climate mobility, legal frameworks for migration, and the present …

Play Amy Pope, the new Director General of the International Organization of Migration sitting against the backdrop of United Nations logo.

March 8, 2024

United States
Election 2024: Joe Biden Makes the Case for Ukraine Aid

Each Friday, I look at what the presidential contenders are saying about foreign policy. This Week: President Joe Biden used his State of the Union Address to urge Congress to provide military aid to…

Biden SOTU

February 14, 2024

United States
C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics With Austan Goolsbee

Austan Goolsbee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago discusses the U.S. economy and monetary policy. The C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics brings the world’s foremost economic…

Play Austan Goolsbee speaking during a news briefing at the White House in 2011.

January 16, 2024

The Houthi Threat to Red Sea Shipping, With Katherine Zimmerman

Katherine Zimmerman, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss the ongoing attacks by the Houthis in Yemen on commercial ships transiting the Red Sea.

Podcast The Galaxy Leader, a commercial-vehicle carrier seized by Houthi commandos in the Red Sea, as seen on November 20, 2023, the day after its hijacking.