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May 24, 2024

Diplomacy and International Institutions
International Criminal Court Prosecutor Threatens United States Senators

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has threatened 12 United States senators for their criticisms of his effort to arrest Israeli leaders.


February 16, 2024

Technology and Innovation
Cyber Week in Review: February 16, 2024

Pakistan and Indonesia hold elections; U.S. announces AI safety consortium; Iran hacks UAE TV station; DMA will not apply to some Apple and Microsoft products; CISA announces 2024 priorities for JCDC…

A portrait of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan is seen amid flags of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the religious and political party Jamat-e-Islami (JI) as supporters attend a joint protest demanding free and fair results of the elections, outside the provincial election commission of Pakistan (ECP)in Karachi, Pakistan on February 10, 2024.

February 13, 2024

Imran Khan Denied (But Perhaps Not Forever): Pakistan’s Other Parties Form a Weak Coalition Government

Pakistan faces uncertainty as a fragile coalition, led by Shehbaz Sharif and reluctantly backed by the PPP, attempts to maintain control of parliament and stifle Imran Khan's PTI following recent ele…

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), addresses a press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, February 13, 2024.

February 13, 2024

AI in Context: Indonesian Elections Challenge GenAI Policies

Prabowo Subianto, the leading candidate in Indonesia's presidential election, has used AI to rebrand from alleged human rights abuser to a “cuddly grandpa," in spite of AI companies' global policies …

A  supporter holds a picture of a cartoon version of Indonesia's Defence Minister and presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

February 9, 2024

Pakistan’s Election Results: Imran Khan Claims Victory, But He’s Unlikely to Get it

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party has performed well in Pakistan’s election despite the electoral deck being stacked against it.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif gestures with his hand while holding a microphone speaking to a group.

February 8, 2024

Pakistan’s Election: Not Free or Fair Beforehand, Chaotic On Election Day

Election day in Pakistan was marred by internet blackouts and suspended mobile phone service.

The former prime minister of Pakistan gestures with his hand while he stands with a group of people wearing a checkered blazer and white scarf.

February 5, 2024

With Imran Khan Jailed, Pakistan’s Election May Be Torpid, But the Aftermath Might Not Be

Although the lead-up to Pakistan’s election has been relatively muted, public discontent remains high.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wears a black tunic while speaking and waving his index finger.

January 31, 2024

Pakistan’s Opposition Leader Imran Khan is Jailed As Election Looms

The suppression of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party has enabled the Pakistani military to reassert control over the country’s politics.

Former Prime Minister Khan wears a blue suit while surrounded by people in black.

January 22, 2024

Pakistan’s Lukewarm February Election—Just Another Sign of South and Southeast Asia’s Democratic Failure

Ruling elites in South and Southeast Asia have stacked the electoral deck in their favor, hindering the chances of opposition parties.

A group of protestors stand on an elevated surface holding their hands in the air in front of building.

December 21, 2023

United States
Ten Elections to Watch in 2024

Dozens of countries, constituting half the world’s population, will hold elections in 2024. Here are ten to watch.

Indo elections