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February 26, 2024

The Case Against Military Rule

Nigeria needs a change of direction, not a change of government.  

Three members of Nigeria's defense are seated next to one another in a room that has primarily wooden walls and a wooden desk.

January 31, 2024

Technology and Innovation
The Largest Senate Judiciary Committee Audience Is on Capitol Hill—and at Home—Today

Today's Senate hearing on big tech and the child exploitation crisis should remind the public of Section 230's provision on parental controls, and the real-world analogies to how social media platfor…

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg returns to his seat after standing and facing the audience while he testified during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on online child sexual exploitation at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 31, 2024

February 1, 2024

United States
Transatlantic Divergence of Economic Outlooks – Implications for Central Bank Policies

Germans and Americans are pessimistic about their economies. While the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve remain committed to fighting inflation, the ECB faces a much tougher task.

Jay Powell

December 28, 2023

United States
Remembering Ten Americans Who Died in 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, here are ten Americans we lost this year who made a mark in foreign policy. 

Half-staff flag

December 27, 2023

The President’s Inbox Recap: The Future of the War in Ukraine

Ukraine’s 2023 counteroffensive failed to produce the big breakthrough that Kyiv and its supporters hoped for.

Ukrainian soldiers as viewed in the back of a truck bed.

November 24, 2023

United States
Campaign Roundup: Election 2024 Will Decide Who Controls Congress

Every Friday, I look at what the presidential contenders are saying about foreign policy. This week: The 2024 election will decide whether the next president will face a friendly or a hostile Congres…

Capitol Building Blog Photo II

November 16, 2023

United States
Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim Hate are Surging. Here's How to Curb the Worst American Tradition.

As violence escalates in Israel’s struggle with Hamas, the potential for hate-based violence in the United States grows, too. American leaders need to step in to defuse tensions.


November 16, 2023

Chino Mitsuru Claire: Leading Japan's Sōgō Shōsha

Itochu Corporation Managing Executive Officer Chino Mitsuru Claire shares about her path to corporate leadership.

Chino Mitsuru Claire, Itochu Corporation Managing Executive Officer

November 6, 2023

International Finance
The World Needs a Second Channel for Using SDRs

The multilateral development banks need to develop a second channel for mobilizing the world’s under-utilized special drawing rights (SDRs).

The 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and IMF in Marrakech

September 22, 2023

The Dangers of Excluding Taiwan from International Organizations

The exclusion of Taiwan from international organizations hinders the world’s ability to develop comprehensive and effective solutions to a growing set of transnational issues.

The United Nations logo is displayed at the UN headquarters in New York.