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June 16, 2007

United States
Statistical manna from heaven

The BEA's current account data contained two surprises.  One that I expected.   Another that I did not.   The "expected" surprise was that the 2005 and 2006 data looks to have been revised to sho…

October 24, 2005


The new Greenspan.   So says Reuters. Like Daniel Gross, I was betting on Hubbard.   And I certainly would not be surprised if he ends up as the next Treasury Secretary. Expect lots of talk abo…

January 24, 2008

Financial Markets
Property without power?

Diplomatic sovereign wealth funds argue, more or less, that they have no desire for power - so there should be no restrictions on their ability to accumulate property. Those hoping for a cut of the S…

January 8, 2008

Monetary Policy
The end of the United States exorbitant privilege?

There is a lot of angst right now about the dollar, and specifically about the dollar’s ability to remain the leading global reserve currency. Look at the FT leader at the end of 2007, or Daniel…


January 23, 2008

The PBoC’s dilemmas

Whatever troubles the Fed faces, at least it is still profitable. The same cannot be said for China’s central bank. And while the Fed just has to worry about economic conditions in the US, the Pe…

July 28, 2008

Monetary Policy
Beware: Correlation doesn’t always mean causation ... London doesn’t just handle petrodollars

Capital flows through London are often taken as a proxy for petrodollars. Bloomberg’s Daniel Kruger, for example, argues that the buildup of Treasuries (and I would assume Agencies) in the UK ref…


June 16, 2009

Monetary Policy
Read Brender and Pisani’s “Globalised finance and its collapse”

I highly recommend Anton Brender and Florence Pisani’s recent monograph, "Globalized finance and its collapse." In a lot of ways, it is something that I wish I could have written. I don’t agree with …

December 3, 2010

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: A Treaty for a Tax Cut

Above the Fold. Don’t count the New START Treaty out just yet. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told Good Morning America on Tuesday that the treaty could be approved by year’s end. Sen. George Voinovich…

Friday File: A Treaty for a Tax Cut

December 17, 2010

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: The New START End Game

Above the Fold. It’s fish or cut bait time on the New START Treaty.  All signs point to a vote by next Wednesday.  Based on the strong vote this week to start the debate, supporters are optimistic…

Friday File: The New START End Game

January 14, 2011

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: Hu Is Coming

U.S. President Barack Obama meets China's President Hu Jintao in Seoul. (Jim Young/courtesy Reuters) Above the Fold. Chinese President Hu Jintao comes to Washington next week for his first vi…

U.S. President Barack Obama meets China’s President Hu Jintao in Seoul