In-Person DC Roundtable: National Security and the U.S. Pharma and Biotech Industries

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Thomas Peter/REUTERS
Monique K. Mansoura

Executive Director, Global Health Security and Biotechnology, The MITRE Corporation

Victor Suarez

Colonel (Ret), U.S. Army, Senior Fellow (Visiting), The Council on Strategic Risks; Founder, BluZoneBio


Senior Fellow for Global Health and Cybersecurity, Council on Foreign Relations

Roundtable Series on U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Health

The COVID-19 pandemic and chronic U.S. drug shortages highlight the health security and strategic importance of U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology capabilities during and between pathogenic crises. Geopolitical competition and interest in industrial policy for biotechnology further underscore the national security role of domestic biopharmaceutical infrastructure. Policymakers confront competing health, economic, and strategic priorities in maximizing innovation in technology, business models, and health-care systems in facilitating safe, accessible, secure, and sustainable products, services, and supply chains.  

Please join our speakers, Monique K. Mansoura, executive director for global health security and biotechnology at The MITRE Corporation, and Victor Suarez, Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army, senior fellow (visiting) at The Council on Strategic Risks and founder of BluZoneBio, to explore challenges facing the U.S. pharma and biotech industries and approaches to strengthening the national security resilience of those industries in a world marked by health and geopolitical threats.

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