Energy and Environment

Food and Water Security

  • United States
    How U.S. Water Infrastructure Works
    The sprawling U.S. water system is central to the nation’s economy, but chronic underinvestment, increasing demand, and the consequences of climate change have revealed the system’s weaknesses.  
  • Climate Change
    Special Event: Dinner of Extinction—A Taste of Climate Action
    The “Dinner of Extinction” will address the dangers the world faces due to climate change and rapidly deteriorating ecosystems. Sam Kass, former White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition to President Barack Obama, will open the dinner with an introduction to the courses that will be served, highlighting the importance of the ingredients used. Those ingredients and other resources people rely on and enjoy will be depleted, if not extinct, within the next few decades if human beings do not act effectively and quickly. The dinner program will also include a panel discussion on the future of climate change and what can be done to protect food security and the world’s fragile ecosystems.  Please note the audio, video, and transcript of the discussion portion of this event will be posted on the CFR website. Please note there is no virtual component to this meeting. **Space for this event is limited. Please respond to this invitation at your earliest convenience by clicking the Register or Decline button, responding to this email, or calling the Meetings Response Line at 646.558.8656. 
  • Middle East and North Africa
    Climate Change and Regional Instability in the Middle East
    The Middle East has suffered from protracted instability in recent decades, and climate-related disasters compound existing suffering. Marwa Daoudy argues that the United States and its partners should center mitigation efforts in assistance to the region. 

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Alice C. Hill
Alice C. Hill

David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment