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January 19, 2015

Argentina and Iran: The Strange Death of Alberto Nisman

Today in Buenos Aires, Alberto Nisman was found dead. Who was he and why does it matter? Nisman was the official charged with investigating the 1994 bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos…

September 21, 2023

Zelenskyy in Washington, Spain Tries to Form a Government, UN Spotlights Nuclear Weapons, and More

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meets with U.S. President Joe Biden and members of Congress to ensure continued U.S. military aid amid Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russia; the Spanish p…

Podcast Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks to reporters briefly following a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer on September 21, 2023 in Washington, DC

July 20, 2023

In Peru, Opposition to Democratic Backsliding Is Growing. Without Leaders, it Might Not Get Far.

Peru's President Dina Boluarte and Congress have eroded democratic norms in the country, spurring protests. However, unless an opposition leader emerges, this new wave of protests will fall short. 

Anti-government demonstrators take part in a protest against President Dina Boluarte in Lima, Peru.

January 1, 1998

State and Local Governments (U.S.)
The City and the World

At first glance, a study on cities and foreign policy may seem a bold leap into the future of international relations, but it represents, rather, a giant step into the present—into what is already ta…

December 19, 2022

Why Was Peru’s President Impeached?

The impeachment of President Pedro Castillo Terrones marks Peru’s latest political crisis. As violent protests extend into their second week, what’s in store for the Andean nation?