• Middle East and North Africa
    How Russia’s War in Ukraine Could Amplify Food Insecurity in the Mideast
    The war is threatening the region’s access to much-needed supplies, but certain countries are more vulnerable than others to food shortages and unrest.
  • Technology and Innovation
    Virtual Roundtable: Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy to Meet the Challenges of Strategic Competition
    On April 20th, 2022, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Roundtable Series on Technology, Innovation, and American Primacy sponsored the virtual roundtable, “Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy to Meet the Challenges of Strategic Competition.” The event was organized and moderated by James Dougherty, Adjunct Senior Fellow and the panel included Mr. Earl Carr, founder and CEO of CJPA Global Advisors and editor of the new book "From Trump to Biden and Beyond: Reimagining US-China Relations” and Dr. Carolyn Kissane, NYU Academic Director, Center of Global Affairs, & Director of SPS Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab. 
  • Russia
    The Geopolitics of Cybersecurity
    This symposium convenes senior government officials and experts from think tanks, academia, and the private sector to address the interaction of cyber conflict and foreign policy goals, examining the current state of Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean cyber operations, as well as how the United States is responding and its own vulnerability to cyberattacks as a symptom of a broken geopolitical order. Click here to download the full agenda for the symposium.