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Thomas E. Donilon

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Jennifer Nuzzo

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  • Public Health Threats and Pandemics
    Virtual Roundtable: The Role of Trust in Pandemic Preparedness
    Numerous research studies point to the outsized role that trust has played in the COVID-19 pandemic. Public compliance with expert recommendations for social distancing, mask wearing, school closures, and vaccinations have been linked to the perceived trustworthiness of government, its agencies, and other citizens. In this Council on Foreign Relations roundtable, Dr. Margaret Levi and Dr. Michael Bang Petersen discuss the role of trust in current and future COVID-19 crisis response and what governments can do to build trust before the next health emergency emerges—as it inevitably will.
  • Health Policy and Initiatives
    Virtual Roundtable: School Closures and COVID-19
    Pandemic-related school closures have affected more than 50 million K-12 students in the United States. These disruptions created substantial challenges for parents and impacted children’s learning and social wellbeing. It has been said that pandemic-related closures may have resulted in significant learning loss that could deepen existing educational and income inequalities. The COVID-19 School Data Hub, the brainchild of Brown Professor of Economics Emily Oster, attempts to assess these impacts. Speakers discuss the data and how the United States can address the tremendous learning loss and education inequality exacerbated by COVID-19.
  • Immigration and Migration
    Growing Up and Moving Out: The Critical Link Between Health and Migration
    Migration is seen as the product of desperate circumstances, but increasingly it is the byproduct of success—improved child survival followed by a booming young-adult population.