Influence Campaigns and Disinformation

  • Media
    Misinformation and Trust in Media
    Daniel Acosta-Ramos, investigative researcher at First Draft News, shares best practices in fact-checking and monitoring misinformation. Joy Mayer, founder of Trusting News, discusses how local journalists can demonstrate credibility and build trust in their reporting. Carla Anne Robbins, adjunct senior fellow at CFR and former deputy editorial page editor at the New York Times, hosts the webinar.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 19, 2021
    U.S. federal judge halts ban on Xiaomi; U.S. report finds that Russia, Iran attempted to meddle in 2020 election; China blocks Signal; Alleged Russian hackers compromise Polish websites to spread disinformation; and Finland attributes hack of parliament to Chinese threat actor.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 12, 2021
    A Russian disinformation campaign seeks to undermine confidence in COVID-19 vaccines; Government Accountability Office finds insufficient cybersecurity guidelines for weapons contractors; Hackers breach security startup and access thousands of security camera feeds; Chinese threat actor targets Microsoft Exchange email servers in large-scale intrusion; and FBI warns of increasing use of synthetic content.