Human Rights

Censorship and Freedom of Expression

  • Ukraine
    Covering the War in Ukraine: The View From Journalists
    A panel of journalists who have recently spent time covering the war in Ukraine discusses the situation on the ground there and in the surrounding region, and policy considerations for the United States and NATO allies.
  • Russia
    Daring Dissent: A Conversation With Ukrainian Authors and Activists
    Ukrainian writers and human rights defenders discuss the threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty, cultural heritage, and identity and the current atmosphere for the country’s authors and activists. This meeting is cosponsored with PEN America.
  • Diplomacy and International Institutions
    An Inside Look at Russia
    Please join our panelists for a discussion of the domestic environment in Russia, including efforts by the Kremlin to control the narrative of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, how Russian civil society views the war, and how the ongoing conflict is expected to influence support for President Putin at home. 

Experts in this Topic

Yascha Mounk
Yascha Mounk

Senior Fellow