Update on Ukraine, With Richard Haass

In this special episode, Why It Matters follows up with CFR President Richard Haass to hear his insights on the war in Ukraine.

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  • Gabrielle Sierra
    Podcast Host and Producer
Episode Guests
  • Richard Haass
    President, Council on Foreign Relations

Show Notes

The war in Ukraine continues to rattle the world. As the conflict drags on, the West faces serious questions about how to proceed. Why It Matters Host Gabrielle Sierra sits down with CFR President Richard Haass to discuss the current situation and the global repercussions, including alleged Russian war crimes, the refugee crisis, and the energy debate.


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Claire Felter and Thamine Nayeem, “Is Russia Committing War Crimes in Ukraine?


Global Governance

In 2022, several colossal events dominated the headlines, most prominently the war in Ukraine and the worldwide inflation that it helped spark. But beyond Ukraine, events with global implications continued to unfold. In this episode, Why It Matters checks in with three CFR fellows and CFR President Richard Haass to understand the least-covered stories of 2022 and to take a peek at what could await the world in 2023.

Technology and Innovation

For years, the world thought of the internet as a borderless zone that brought people from around the world together. But as governments pursue very different regulatory paths, the monolithic internet is breaking apart. Now, where there had been one, there are at least three internets: one led by the United States, one by China, and one by the European Union.

International Organizations

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has kicked off in Qatar, and billions of fans worldwide are tuning in to the world’s most popular live event. And yet as in years past, the Qatar Cup is transpiring under the shadow of controversy.

Top Stories on CFR


Americans need to understand their obligations to one another and to their country if U.S. democracy is to survive.

United States

In addition to minority communities and those on the political left, far-right extremism threatens violence against Republicans as well.

United States

As the U.S. government grapples with another deadline to increase its debt limit, economists warn that a possible default could have disastrous economic consequences.