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Asher Ross

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Asher Ross helps develop and guide content strategy for and is co-creator and co-producer of the CFR podcast Why It Matters. Before joining CFR, he was a copy editor at The New York Times. He holds a BA in English Literature from Bard College.

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Xi Jinping used the annual legislative session to lock in his tenure as president and reinforce China’s assertive foreign policy and the reemergence of its economy.

United States

The collapse of SVB is a reminder that the fastest way for the United States to cede ground in the present era of great power competition is to debase its financial system and relinquish its global financial leadership position.


After its invasion of Ukraine, concerns flared over a decoupling of Russia from the global internet. This has not materialized, but we may be witnessing the start of a more fundamental fragmentation of the global internet.