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May 2, 2024

RealEcon: Reimagining American Economic Leadership

Matthew Goodman, distinguished fellow and director of the Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies at CFR, discusses CFR’s new RealEcon initiative and the role of state and local officials in contrib…

Play Flag and Trade

April 23, 2024

Climate Change
Special Event: Dinner of Extinction—A Taste of Climate Action

The “Dinner of Extinction” will address the dangers the world faces due to climate change and rapidly deteriorating ecosystems. Sam Kass, former White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutriti…

Play A female employee wearing a white shirt arranges pricetags at a vegetables work bench full of green leafy vegetables and red tomatoes.

April 2, 2024

United States
RealEcon Launch: Reimagining American Economic Leadership

With RealEcon, CFR is creating an initiative to study and debate the role of the United States in the international economy. The launch event of this multiyear, multifaceted initiative will explore w…

Play CFR President Michael Froman in conversation with columnist Gillian Tett and Canada’s Ambassador to the United States Kristen Hillman

February 7, 2024

Democracy Deferred in Senegal

President Macky Sall’s decision to postpone Senegal’s elections threatens the country’s democratic identity.

Protesters gather outside the General Assembly in Dakar, Senegal on February 5, 2024.

February 20, 2024

The American Century: A Conversation With Joseph Nye

Joseph Nye discusses U.S. primacy on the global stage since World War II, crucial challenges the country has faced, the changing nature of American hard and soft power today, and whether China's rise…

Play Joseph Nye, former Dean of Harvard Kennedy School engages in a discourse.

March 22, 2024

United States
Election 2024: Are Americans Turning Isolationist?

Each Friday, I look at what the presidential contenders are saying about foreign policy. This Week: Much like talk of Mark Twain’s death, claims that Americans are turning their back on the world are…

The sun as viewed disappearing beneath the horizon.

February 28, 2024

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
American Military Leadership in the Middle East

Former CENTCOM Commanders David Petraeus and Anthony Zinni discuss the military aspect of the Israel-Hamas war and lessons learned from U.S. involvement and operations in the Middle East.

Play Smoke rises over northern Gaza following Israeli air strikes in Dec 2023.

April 2, 2024

United States
CFR Launches RealEcon Initiative to Reimagine American Economic Leadership

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) announces the launch of RealEcon: Reimagining American Economic Leadership, an initiative to assess the role of the United States in the international economy, …

October 31, 2023

Latin America
What Does the Inter-American Development Bank Do?

The Inter-American Development Bank aims to bolster economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean, but critics say reforms are needed.

A sign promotes the IDB Board of Governors meeting in Panama City, Panama, in March 2023.

May 24, 2024

United States
Remembering a Fallen Hero on Memorial Day

The story of an American who died in service to his country.

A man as viewed tracing a name from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.