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May 6, 2024

A Conversation with Dr. Geeta Rao Gupta, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State

A discussion with Ambassador Rao Gupta on women’s political representation, violence against women, and new U.S. policy initiatives to advance gender equality and UN Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, …

Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues at the Department of State, Geeta Rao Gupta, speaks at the COP28

May 23, 2023

Women and Foreign Policy Program
Reporting on Gender and Politics

Ann Norris, senior fellow for women and foreign policy at CFR, discusses the societal, economic, and security benefits of advancing gender parity. This webinar is moderated by Carla Anne Robbins, sen…

Play Equal Rights Amendment activists gather in protest outside of Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond.

January 19, 2024

Health Policy and Initiatives
Women This Week: Gender Health Gap Hindering Global Economy Growth

Welcome to “Women Around the World: This Week,” a series that highlights noteworthy news related to women and U.S. foreign policy. This week’s post covers January 13 to January 19.

A woman wearing a protective face mask leaves a health center in Madrid, Spain, January 10, 2024.

October 26, 2023

Beijing's Message to the National Women's Congress: Gender Equality Is Out, Family and Childbirth Are In

Rhetoric used by Chinese Communist Party officials at this week's National Women's Congress may hint towards a return of traditional gender norms in China.

Attendants carry tea before the opening ceremony of the Twentieth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

January 24, 2023

Gender Freeze

For Nigerian women, gender equality remains a bridge too far as increased social influence fails to translate into political power.

A woman wearing a "Restructure Women to the Structure" shirt protests alongside other women in Nigeria. She also wears a chain necklace around her neck.

September 11, 2023

Koike Yuriko: Tackling Gender Bias From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Governor of Tokyo Koike Yuriko shares her thoughts on gender equality issues in Japan and how local government policy can make a difference.

Koike Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo