Foreign Investment

  • Latin America
    Latin America Shouldn’t Be a Pawn in U.S.-China Rivalry
    The key to its success will be dodging zero-sum choices between the two superpowers.
  • China
    Podcast: James McGregor on the Shifting Landscape for U.S. Business in China
    January was an important month for U.S. business in China. China’s new investment law came into effect, and the phase one trade agreement de-escalated trade tensions. Meanwhile, businesses across China have been shuttered by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak leading to large-scale interruptions of international supply chains. What is the likely impact of these events for U.S. companies in China? How are these changes likely to affect the process of broader economic decoupling underway between the United States and China? Tune in as James McGregor, greater China chairman at APCO Worldwide, shares his on-the-ground perspective of the opportunities and challenges for U.S. business in China with Elizabeth Economy, C. V. Starr senior fellow and director for Asia studies.
  • Economics
    Leprechaun Adjusted Euro Area GDP…
    The entire euro area's economic statistics now need to be adjusted to remove the distortions created by the tax transactions of large multinationals operating in Ireland and the Netherlands. Headline GDP numbers aren't too distorted, but the main components of GDPnet exports and domestic demandhave been contaminated by tax driven transactions that don't reflect real economic activity.