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June 10, 2024

The Farm Legacy of Henry Wallace: Regressive Subsidies

The era of massive government farm subsidies began in the early 1930s. It has favored the large and the rich ever since.

The Farm Legacy of Henry Wallace: Regressive Subsidies

May 1, 2024

Global Health Program
Hybrid DC Roundtable: The CDC Response to the Spread of H5N1 Avian Flu in Dairy Cows

An outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza that was detected for the first time in a milking herd of cattle in Texas one month ago has now infected thirty-three herds in eight states and at least one farm w…

Play A dairy cow in a dairy farm

July 10, 2024

Latin America
Stagnant Urban Productivity Stunts Latin America’s Economic Growth, Plus Chinese Lenders Turn Away From Latin America

Stagnant urban productivity stunts Latin America’s economic growth; Chinese lenders turn away from Latin America.

Photo of Bogota, Colombia

May 14, 2024

On to Wisconsin: RealEcon Visits the Badger State

From ginseng farms to food-processing facilities, Wisconsin businesses shine light on how trade policy and foreign investment impact rural America.

Darin Von Ruden, the owner of the Von Ruden's Organic Dairy Farm walks on his farm in Westby, Wisconsin, on October 3, 2020. - In western Wisconsin, where family-run dairy farms dot the rolling green hills and eagle-watchers peer into the sparkling marshland, signs for Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand directly across each other on neighbors' yards. In a polarized United States where Democrats and Republicans increasingly self-segregate, this stretch of the Upper Midwest alongside the Mississippi River looks

April 21, 2022

Anju Srivastava: How to Revolutionize Farming in India

In India, farmers own high-value land but cannot translate land into wealth. New models of agriculture and ethical entrepreneurship can fix this. 

Anju Srivastava, Founder & Managing Director of Wingreens Farms

May 29, 2024

Public Health Threats and Pandemics
Avian Flu Outbreak and Preventing the Next Pandemic

Jennifer Nuzzo, senior fellow senior fellow for global health at CFR, discusses the spread of the avian influenza in poultry and dairy cows in the United States and risks that zoonotic diseases pose …

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June 25, 2024

Haiti’s Troubled Path to Development

Hobbled by foreign interventions, political instability, and natural disasters, the former French colony is paralyzed by multiple crises.

A Haitian girl walks through a garbage-filled ravine in Port-au-Prince.

May 7, 2024

Public Health Threats and Pandemics
What Is Avian Flu?

A global surge in avian flu outbreaks in birds and some mammals is worrying poultry farmers, scientists, and health experts. The trend is provoking questions about the future of the disease and globa…

A man is kneeling, surrounded by poultry and farm equipment as he examines a bird on the ground.

July 2, 2024

What Is Hezbollah?

Military experience gained from fighting in Syria’s civil war and decades of clashes with Israel have strengthened the Iran-backed group, but politically, its clout among Lebanon’s populace may be wa…

 A man bearing a Hezbollah flag leads ranks of militants through Beirut’s southern suburb.