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June 19, 2020

United States
Five Foreign-Policy Satires Worth Watching

Each Friday this summer, we suggest foreign-policy-themed movies worth watching. This week: classic satires.

The movie posters from The Great Dictator (yellow with Charlie Chaplin over a globe), Dr. Strangelove (black and white actor smoking a cigarette), In the Loop (two silhouettes, one with U.S. flag the other with the UK flag), MASH (a hand with the peace sign and an army helmet on the finger), Catch-22 (a man walks away from a plane wreckage in the desert), and Wag the Dog (a tape recorder with the presidential seal) arranged in one picture.

June 16, 2014

Will the World Cup Actually Help Brazil to Solve Its Problems?

In the lead-up to the World Cup and through the first games, Brazilians have taken to the streets in protest. In this post for Daniel Altman on ForeignPolicy.com, I look at why these demands for chan…

Residents run to celebrate after decorating a street in the colours of Brazil's national flag, ahead of the 2014 World Cup, in the Taguatinga neighbourhood of Brasilia

July 27, 2011

Budget, Debt, and Deficits
The Dangerous Mirage of Washington Deficit Plans

The rapidly approaching August 2nd deadline, as proclaimed by the U.S. Treasury, for raising Congress’s self-imposed debt ceiling is producing a flurry of deficit-reduction plans – or, more accurat…

The Dangerous Mirage of Washington Deficit Plans

November 21, 2011

Latin American Lessons for the European Debt Crisis

http://youtu.be/vQRiLrQ4kC0 To view this video on YouTube, click here. The Council on Foreign Relations just released a great conversation on the Latin American lessons for the European debt crisis…

November 8, 2010

United States
Can the U.S. Afford Global Military Supremacy?

America’s share of global military spending is a measure, albeit crude, of its military supremacy. Viewed through this lens, the United States is clearly dominant, accounting for over 40% of the w…

Can the U.S. Afford Global Military Supremacy?

September 11, 2009

United States

In a typical post-war recession, recovery would be well under way after twenty-one months. This time around, all that has emerged is limited optimism over ‘green shoots.’ Although conditions in fin…


December 5, 2014

You Might Have Missed: Drones, Blowback, and Intelligence Briefings

Department of Defense Press Briefing by Rear Adm. Kirby in the Pentagon Briefing Room, U.S. Department of Defense, December 2, 2014. Q: Will the 9,800 remaining troops have a combat role or not? RE…

January 21, 2011

Friday File: Obama 2.0

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle examine the bible used for his swearing-in ceremony in Washington. (Poll New/courtesy Reuters) Above the Fold. President Obama has reached the halfway po…

U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle examine the bible used for his swearing-in ceremony in Washington

November 12, 2010

Diplomacy and International Institutions
Friday File: Obama in Asia

Above the Fold: The big news of the week has been President Obama’s Asia trip.  The coverage at home has generally been positive.  Walter Russell Mead reviews the India leg of the trip and applauds…

Friday File: Obama in Asia

March 26, 2006

Monetary Policy
Summers on reserves, exchange rates, the international financial architecture and other big topics close to my heart

Larry Summers has always believed that capital should flow from the already rich and aging societies that constitute the current core of the world economy to the poor and young countries on the perip…