U.S. State Department

  • Diplomacy and International Institutions
    Hip-Hop Diplomacy
    Hip-hop is a phenomenon that has captured hearts around the world. Its musical form ranges from party anthems to critical social commentary. But the genre plays another role: it is an influential soft-power tool for the United States. Like its predecessors jazz and rock, hip-hop is utilized by the U.S. State Department to connect with young minds, and its unique ability to inspire goodwill toward the United States offers a significant advantage over adversaries such as China and Russia. How did hip-hop become a go-to diplomatic instrument?  
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: April 8, 2022
    State Department launches new cyber bureau; Controversy over FBI social media surveillance; Clearview AI seeks new clients; U.S. and allies disrupt Sandworm botnet; Microsoft stops series of Russian cyberattacks.
  • Digital Policy
    DC Hybrid Renewing America Series: The U.S. Digital Divide
    As the United States continues to transition to a knowledge economy, entire regions are being left behind due to the automation of jobs, lack of computers and high-speed internet, and the impossibility for many employees to work from home. Panelists discuss the digital divide, why it poses a problem to U.S. economic strength and competitiveness, and possible solutions for bridging the digital gap.  With its Renewing America initiative, CFR is evaluating nine critical domestic issues that shape the ability of the United States to navigate a demanding, competitive, and dangerous world.