• Supply Chains
    U.S.-South Korea Policy Coordination on Supply Chain Resiliency
    On November 28, 2023, the Council on Foreign Relations’ program on U.S.-Korea Policy held an in-person workshop on U.S.-South Korea policy coordination toward China on supply chain resiliency. 
  • United States
    DC Hybrid RealEcon Launch: Reimagining American Economic Leadership
    With RealEcon, CFR is creating an initiative to study and debate the role of the United States in the international economy. The launch event of this multiyear, multifaceted initiative will explore what the challenges are for U.S. leadership, what is at stake for American interests, and what new approaches would be helpful to rebuild an affirmative consensus on American economic leadership. Chair Jared Bernstein of the Council of Economic Advisers discusses the future of U.S. economic leadership as CFR launches its new RealEcon initiative. Immediately following the conversation with Chair Bernstein, there will be a panel discussion on the new initiative. Members may bring a guest to this event.
  • RealEcon
    Policymaking Is All About Trade-Offs
    In crafting a new international economic policy that works for Americans and advances U.S. interests, policymakers will have to weigh multiple trade-offs.