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A. Michael Spence
A. Michael Spence

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    Ending Human Trafficking in the 21st Century Symposium
    The Ending Human Trafficking in the Twenty-First Century Symposium reflects on efforts to combat human trafficking over the past two decades and explores new tools to accelerate progress at home and abroad. The full agenda is available here.  This symposium is cosponsored with the Women and Foreign Policy Program.
  • Human Trafficking
    Human Trafficking’s Hidden Toll
    In Foreign Affairs, Jamille Bigio and Rachel Vogelstein write that the global scourge is worse than a crime—it is a systemic threat.
  • United States
    Conference on Diversity in International Affairs 2021
    The Conference on Diversity in International Affairs brings together college and graduate students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds for plenaries on foreign policy topics, seminars on professional development, and opportunities to interact virtually with senior foreign policy professionals. The 2021 conference featured a keynote session with President of the Ford Foundation Darren Walker. The 2021 Conference on Diversity in International Affairs is a collaborative effort by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Global Access Pipeline, and the International Career Advancement Program. For information about the conference in previous years, please click here