Agricultural Policy

  • Supply Chains
    Down and Dirty: The Global Fertilizer Dilemma
    Feeding the world's eight billion people has never been easy. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the market for fertilizer, that task has gotten even harder. The fertilizer crisis threatens to exacerbate food insecurity worldwide, especially in low-income countries already reeling from record-high inflation and rapidly depreciating currencies. What is fertilizer’s role in the food supply chain?
  • Cybersecurity
    Digital Agriculture—A Gap in Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Despite digital technology's growing importance in the world's food supply, governments have done little to secure digital agriculture or include it under critical infrastructure protections.
  • Climate Change
    Trouble Brewing for Coffee
    Beware, coffee lovers: climate change could disrupt your precious morning cup of joe. Coffee beans could lose half of their farmable land by 2050 as temperatures and weather patterns become more extreme and less predictable. This could lead to scarcer yields and pricier brews. But there is hope that unique varieties and novel farming techniques could change coffee’s destiny. The transition will require massive investments and many observers question whether the industry can meet the challenge.