Agricultural Policy

  • Climate Change
    Trouble Brewing for Coffee
    Beware, coffee lovers: climate change could disrupt your precious morning cup of joe. Coffee beans could lose half of their farmable land by 2050 as temperatures and weather patterns become more extreme and less predictable. This could lead to scarcer yields and pricier brews. But there is hope that unique varieties and novel farming techniques could change coffee’s destiny. The transition will require massive investments and many observers question whether the industry can meet the challenge.
  • Foreign Aid
    A Conversation With Alice Albright
    CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Alice Albright discusses the role MCC plays in the U.S. foreign policy toolkit and how foreign assistance can address long-term global trends while simultaneously managing humanitarian crises. 
  • India
    Anju Srivastava: How to Revolutionize Farming in India
    In India, farmers own high-value land but cannot translate land into wealth. New models of agriculture and ethical entrepreneurship can fix this.